About Us

Reasonable Retros is your place to get Authentic Gear, at Reasonable Prices! Get your shoe releases without Mall traffic or hours online waiting. Here at Reasonable Retros I am the CEO and owner of the company as well as the owner and main one running www.reasonableretros.com! My company is ran ONLY by me so no split equity. I do have 5-10 employees though a secretary that responds to emails and sends tracking numbers. As well as a few delivery men and women. My website is ran by shopify which you can Google and research it's a legit company. Also most of my payments are done by Paypal which you can also look up and they are a verified legit company as well. Just so you know your money is SECURE! I have had 424 sales in the last 10 weeks so trust us we wouldnt be getting sales and business we were running off with peoples money. Out of the last 2 years I've had 15 refunds and 0 returned pair. My company has a partnership with Stock X, Flightclub, Footlocker, Footaction, as well as Kixify. With that said you can research those companies as well and see they are legit vendors.

Usually after a sale it will take paypal 2-3 days to verify the payment and make sure the funds are secured. During these 2-3 days you'll receive a email for confirmation of the order. The email will come from my secretary, two of my employee's, or myself. A day or two after that you'll get tracking number to track yourself or screenshots of tracking from our system through the whole process of the merchandise getting to the customer. ( Some pair will just get screenshots for tracking instead of actually tracking number due to the fact some of the shipping services we use show our office address and vendors name.)

Also we do accept payments through other ways such as Cash App, Apple Pay , Samsung Pay, Zelle transfer with Bank or America, Chase, Wellsfargo. Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart to Walmart, as well as any wire transfer or local cash pick up ( depending on your location ). We offer these alternative payment options because, like I said previously there are holds often on Paypal payments up to 72 hours sometimes. We just offer those to speed up the process and make our customers happy and get them there product faster. We understand if you don't feel comfortable with those types of payments which is why the PayPal route is usually the most used! If the size you get is the wrong size, we cant get your pair to you, or your pair gets stolen in the mail dont worry we have insurance on all packages for FREE. We rarely have that happen but we just inform future customers because of the possibility when dealing with shipping companies. If one of those three incidents occur dont worry you will receive full refund or the proper size or colorway!

Feel free to email us any question!
EMAIL - reasonableretros23@gmail.com
Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding any shoe, price, or need to see if we have a pair we do not have uploaded!! ( We have TONS of shoes not uploaded but we are working to get all your favorite kicks for sale online so check back frequently! )

Within the next 2 years we plan on opening 2 stores one in New York and one in Houston Texas. All of course with the help of our customers that stay so loyal! Coming to a city near you! Lets make things Global next!